Career Training

Beginning Word (English/Japanese) 

The first workshop in the three-part Microsoft Word training series provides participants with systematic instruction in Word’s most essential features. If your familiarity with Word is primarily based on its application to fulfill the requirements of your job, this workshop will help fill in some of the learning gaps.   Participants will be introduced into the use of such basic Word features as formatting, tab stops, indentation, drop caps, line spacing, etc. and be better prepared to address r the most common word processing challenges effectively and efficiently. / ワードの基本的な機能を習得します。 


Intermediate Word (English/Japanese) 

The second workshop of the three-part Word training series extends the foundation of skills learned in Beginning Word.  The focus of the workshop is to expand participant capabilities to create, edit, and format more complex types of documents.  Participants will be introduced into the use of such Word features as field codes, page/section breaks, styles, mail merge, compare and merge, etc. / 初級で習得した機能を使ってより高度な文書を作成します。 


Advanced Word (English/Japanese)

The final workshop in the series, provides participants with the skills and knowledge to handle more advanced challenges. You’ll learn techniques and gain skills that will allow you to create books and other large documents with the sophisticated formatting and design features you find in professionally published material.  Participants will be introduced into the use of such basic advanced Word functions as forms, track changes, macros, foot/end notes, index, etc. / 初級、中級で取得した機能をよりテクニカルに使うことを学びます。 


Beginning Excel (English/Japanese) 

This Beginning Excel training provides the fundamentals and provides participants the opportunity to fill in the inevitable knowledge gaps related to the basic development and use of columns, rows, fonts, borders, shading, autofill and more.  Participants will learn the five most basic Excel formulas and be able to produce spreadsheets that communicate information effectively. /基本的なエクセルの機能を習得します。 


Intermediate Excel (English/Japanese) 

Intermediate Excel offers participants more advanced Excel capabilities through the use of mathematical functions that have wide application such as IF function, NESTED IF function, RANK function, etc.  Participants will also focus on the tools for dealing with multiple worksheets simultaneously.  / 初級で習得した機能を使ってより高度なスプレシートを作成します。 


Advanced Excel (English/Japanese) 

Participants will become more familiar with such advanced features as pivot table, pivot chart, consolidation, worksheet protection and macro commands that will accelerate completion of your work assignments.  Tips and shortcuts that save time will be taught. / 初級、中級エクセルで習得した機能を使用し、より高度なスプレシートを作成します。 


Beginning PowerPoint (English/Japanese) 

Unlock the wonders of PowerPoint in this stand-alone class that introduces you to the basics… and a bit beyond. You’ll learn to create well-designed PowerPoint presentations with engaging graphics and eye-catching formatting. Participants will create their own presentation file in the class and complete it by adding a number of features such as clip art graphics, transition effects, animation effects, etc. / パワーポイントの機能を使ってプレゼンテーションの作成をします。 


Intermediate PowerPoint (English/Japanese) 

Familiar with some of the basic features of PowerPoint? If so, jump right into this course. A number of intermediate-level features of this program will be covered which will take the PowerPoint skills and knowledge to the next level. The techniques introduced in this course will help create a more effective presentation.  Participants will be introduced into the use of such PowerPoint features as photo albums, presentation view, import text from Word, slide master, custom slide layout, etc. /パワーポイントの中級レベルの機能を使い,1ランク上のプレゼンテーション作成を目指します。 


Accomplishing More With Less (English)  

 This workshop provides a proven methodology to effectively prioritize, organize, and complete individual work assignments.


Are You Listening? (English)   

" Are You Listening?" is a 2 day course developed by MCCS Headquarters to provide employees working with Marines and their families with information and tools they need to successfully refer customers to local community resources.  Throughout the 16 hours of instruction, participants will learn to recognize the important role they play in prevention and will be empowered to communicate effectively with customers.


Business Writing (English)   

In the Business Writing Workshop, we help participants who work in an office environment.  Each of the three sessions concentrates on challenges and problems for business writers, focusing on responding well to customer comments, writing professional, evidence-based text for information papers and e-mails. We will use in-class time to examine problem e-mails and how to fix them.


Change Element (English)   

The Change Element is based on decades of work helping organizations, large and small, change successfully. It provides practical tools, like the Change Model™, to help people understand what exactly happens during change, where they are in the process, and what they should do next. When you give everyone in your organization the tools to change, your whole organization can move faster than ever before. In a world of ever accelerating change, the ability to change can turn into a competitive advantage. This course will help employees use the Change Model to navigate change and turn it to their advantage; Predict change and prepare for it; Beat the barriers that get in the way of changing; Adjust to the change and prioritize your efforts; and Create lasting innovations.”


Connecting Generations (English)   

Learn how each generation is identified and defined.  Explore which traits are commonly associated with each generation and how that impacts the workplace.  Gain a better understanding of how generational stereotypes, both good and bad, can be as disrespectful as cultural and ethnic ones.  Discover how miscommunication between generations can be avoided.  Understand the importance of respect and unity in the workplace for people of all ages.  


Cross-Cultural Communication for Japanese



Cross-cultural communication for non-japanese

“Cross Cultural Communication” is a four-hour workshop designed to help participants better understand the Japanese culture. The workshop will provide participants with information and insight into the core values of Japanese culture.  The knowledge gained in the workshop will support cross-cultural communication and is an effort to enhance understanding in the workplace.



Extended DISC Workshop (English/Japanese) 

Extended DISC workshops help individuals understand their behavioral styles, build upon their strengths, improve communication strategies, and expand overall performance. The Extended DISC is a highly regarded tool that is used in leadership development across many industries. There are no “good or bad” behavioral types. All types can be very successful in any position. Research shows that the best leaders are those with high levels of self-awareness, hence, the use of a tool and training opportunities such as this one. In preparation for this workshop, you will be required to complete a self-assessment. 個人の思考行動のスタイルの違いを理解するためのワークショップです。事前に、オンラインで行動スタイル診断を受けていただきます。


Leading Effective Meetings (English) 

Students will learn how to: Identify the desired outcome; decide if a meeting is actually necessary; invite the right people.


Naval Correspondence (English)

Learn the correct policies and procedures for the preparation of Naval Correspondence in this newly revised and updated course. This self-paced course easily guides you through the necessary requisites while explaining some of the standards The Department of the Navy (DON) requires, for writing and formatting quality correspondence. Emphasis is placed on formatting standard letters and endorsements. Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to choose the appropriate format for Naval correspondence.海軍及び海兵隊の規定に沿った書簡作成方法を習得します。 



Peer Today, Boss Tomorrow (English)   

 Peer Today, Boss Tomorrow is a one day workshop designed to guide participants to better ensure a successful transition from co-worker to supervisor. 


Performance Coaching (English)   

This course will provide an opportunity for supervisors and managers to discover their mindset and behavior with regard to developing employees, coaching employee performance, and engaging employees for "go-to" performance. Content areas that will be covered include: how to address performance problems, delegating responsibility, and how to strengthen employee performance. Specific interaction skills and action steps will be introduced to build coaching competence in participants. Strategies for conducting coaching conversations with their employees to increase performance and long-term contribution will be presented. Participants will be required to participate in small group skill practice scenarios.  


Presentation Skills (English)   

The experience in this Presentation Skills workshop will provide you the opportunity to develop and deliver presentations and receive feedback to self-access the clarity of your message.  It will be like having a personal, public speaking training coach for a day.























































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