Typhoon Motors

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Daily, including holidays

9 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Towing Price List 


Basic Shop Services
Indoor Auto Work Stalls with and w/o Lifts
Sand Blasting Cabinets
Spray Painting Booths
Metal Working Shop
Wash Rack and Pressure Washers Available
Temporary Indoor & Outdoor Vehicle Storage
Storage Lockers
Vehicle Deregistration

Support Services
Oil Change Service
Major and Minor Automotive Repair Services
Full Range of Wheel and Tire Services
Stereo System Installation available
JCI and JCI Pre-Inspection
Automatic Transmission Fluid Change Service
Welding Service
Automotive Air Conditioning Services
Battery Disposal Service

Auto Skills

Services Price List 

Camp Foster  
PHONE DSN 645-7169
Off Base 098-970-7169 

Camp Courtney  
PHONE DSN 622-9546
Off Base 098-954-9546

Camp Kinser  
PHONE DSN 637-2191
Off Base 098-970-5555 then dial the number

Camp Hansen  
PHONE DSN 623-7743
Off Base 098-969-7743

Auto Recovery

Deregistration, spare parts, battery disposal, and more.
Camp Foster
PHONE DSN 645-1799
Off Base 098-970-1799


Need a professional paint job? Visit the Kinser Auto Skills Center for an estimate on paint and collision repair. 


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