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MCCS Food & Beverage supports your Marine Corps Ball by providing a program for each attendee.

All programs can include a single insert of the guest of honor’s photo and biography.

As long as requisite deadlines are met, MCCS Food & Beverage will ensure the programs arrive at the appropriate MCCS club prior to your unit’s ball.

Guest of Honor Insert:
1. Use a vertical photo that is a high resolution (300 dpi). The photo must be free of any text and/or boarders.
2. Keep the word count between 300 and 500 words (see links below for samples). 
3. All GOH biographies should follow the Department of Defense Style Guide, issued March 30, 2013.
4. Please ensure the biographies reflect the Guest of Honor’s current billet and rank. If your Guest of Honor is a civilian, please include their current occupational title and city of residence. 
5. MCCS Marketing cannot edit acronyms such as IIIMEF, HQ Bn., etc. Acronyms will be used as submitted. 
6. MCCS Marketing cannot edit names of awards, battles or campaigns other than ensuring that spelling and grammar are correct. Proper nomenclature is the unit POC’s responsibility. 
7. Guest of Honor biographies and photos are due no later than 45 days prior to your unit’s ball. MCCS will not produce Guest of Honor inserts if submitted past the 45 day deadline. 
8. Submit Guest of Honor biographies and photos: Email
9. If you choose, you can create your own using the templates below. The one-page template is for biographies between 300 and 500 words. The two-page template is for longer biographies.
One Page Template     Two Page Template

*Please note deadline and biography specifications will be enforced.
For samples of military biographies, please visit the Manpower & Reserve Affairs Biographies Page

2016 Sample Guest of Honor Insert

mementos 2017c

Marine Corps Ball mementos serve as reminders of duty stations. These treasures accompany us throughout our military service and during times of quiet reflections, these objects document the friendships made during the course of a difficult assignment or the smiles shared over dinner at the annual Marine Corps Ball.

A memento, provided by MCCS, serves as a gift of appreciation for the Marines, an exclusive group of men and women who protect our freedom and defend our country daily.

Thank you for your service.


Marine Corps Birthday Ball Entertainment Plan


Marine Corps Community Services (MCCS) will provide a Disc Jockey (DJ) for all Birthday Balls held at the assigned MCCS facilities at no cost to the unit. If a Birthday Ball is held outside of an assigned MCCS facility the unit will borne the DJ expense.

If a unit wishes to request a live band and if the type of band requested is available, the requesting unit will borne the cost of the entertainment. The request for a band must be submitted 14 days prior to the date of the Birthday Ball. To make a request, contact the Entertainment Program Manager at telephone number 645-5821 or send an email.


I. Entertainment Branch.

a. Ensure Entertainment is contracted and scheduled to support each of the balls, and be prepared to accommodate additional support as may be directed by the MCCS Chief (e.g., a live band vice a disc jockey).

b. Ensure that adequate DJ sound equipment is available to support the entertainment requirement for each of the scheduled Marine Corps Balls.


A listing of the names of the disc jockeys identified to support each of the respective balls will be published by Entertainment; under separate cover. Care will be taken to ensure that the genre of music played will be variety, so that all genres are covered during the Birthday Balls.

All facility mangers hosting a ball should make direct liaison with the unit representatives for each scheduled ball to determine any special requirements necessary to support their ball (e.g., podium, special lighting).

DJs will have all of their equipment in place, conducted sound checks, and be ready for operations no later than 1800 on the evenings they are scheduled to provide such services.

Unless otherwise directed by Entertainment, the DJ will be prepared to provide services from the completion of the dinner service to the scheduled end of the respective balls.

Marine Corps Birthday Ball Photography Services Plan

There will be an assigned photographer at each Ball. You do not need to make a request, if your ball is on the calendar. Birthday Ball photography packages will be available for sale via the internet at No cash transactions will take place on site. 

  • 1) Attendees can have their photographs taken by the professional photographers at no cost.
  • 2) Each participating attendee will receive a card with a website link and secure password to access the images from their unit's Ball.  The attendee can then view, choose, edit and purchase a wide range of sizes, finishes and products utilizing their ball images. Digital downloads will also be available. 
  • 3) Attendees will be able to share their password to allow family and friends to purchase these photographs.
  • 4) Orders can be processed by each attendee via credit/debit card over the secure website at their leisure.
  • 5) Photographs are printed by N-Vu and mailed directly to the attendee’s PSC box, unit or address of their choice.
  • 6) For more information, contact 645-4459.

Please note that it may take up to 10 days for your ball photographs to be accessible and available to view for purchase.




Download and complete the request form, here:

Band Request Form

Band Request Form (Word document)

**Please be advised submissions of a band request does not automatically guarantee band support for your event.


Welcome to Children, Youth and Teen Programs (CY&TP). The CY&TP Resource and Referral Office is a “one stop shop” for childcare needs. Resource and Referral (R&R) facilitates program registration for all children, youth and teen programs located on Camps Foster, Courtney and Kinser, including Family Child Care (FCC). CY&TP will be offering child care services for the Marine Corps Ball(s) in certified FCC homes.

Ball Care in a Certified Family Child Care Home
  • Children must complete CY&TP registration packet prior to services being rendered.
  • Parents schedule reservations directly with providers.
  • CY&TP will subsidize ball care rates.
  • Ticket or receipt for attending Ball must be provided when registering at the Resource and Referral Bldg. 495 Room 100.
  • Please complete your registration for your child’s care during the Ball at least one week in advance. No appointment required.  

Note: If your child has a special need, please contact Resource and Referral as soon as possible. Thank you for choosing MCCS Children Youth and Teen Programs to serve you.

Download Marine Corps Ball Care Registration Forms 

CY&TP, Team Resource and Referral




Please submit Transportation Request Forms to MCCS Motor Transportation via email no later than TWO WEEKS prior to your scheduled ball. Faxed requests will not be accepted.

A single Point of Contact (POC) is preferred to ensure accuracy and requirements are fulfilled precisely. If for any reason the POC has been reassigned, please ensure MCCS Motor Transportation is provided information of the new POC.

Please ensure to provide a Staff or Senior NCO on each bus to maintain order, discipline, and passenger safety at all times while in transit.

Balls being held at MCCS facilities take priority over Balls being held elsewhere. Additionally, Balls being held outside of MCCS facilities will incur a $50 per hour Charter Fee per bus.

In the event your unit does not require or no longer requires bus transportation, please submit an email informing Motor Transportation that services are not required and/or of cancellation.
Download the Transportation Request Form

Marine Corps Ball Fundraising Accounts

Point of Contact

Melissa Smith: MCCS AMO, Accounts Payable - 645-2928
Building 5966, 3rd Floor, Camp Foster 

Fundraising Activities

Questions regarding Fundraising Activities should be directed to the SJA office located in Bldg. 1, Camp Foster, 645-7461/7462. All fundraising requests are now processed through SJA.

Unit Funds Account Access

The Commanding Officer must assign a Designee to be responsible for their Marine Corps Ball Account. The MCCS Accounting Management Office (AMO) will only discuss the account balance or process payments/withdrawals/transfers with the Commanding Officer or the Designee; however anyone can deposit funds to the account. A new Marine Corps Ball Funds Delegation Letter must be submitted each year.

Fundraising Deposits

Money will be deposited, by appointment only, at MCCS AMO on Camp Foster or at one of the clubs below, and held for use of the Unit’s Marine Corps Ball. Checks must have DOD# listed to be deposited at MCCS.

Camp Schwab – BeachHead
Camp Hansen – The Palms
Camp Courtney – Hashmarks SNCO Club
Camp Kinser – Surfside

Using the MCCS Okinawa Deposit Form be sure to list your Unit Funds Account ID# on the deposit form. If you do not know the ID# please contact AMO or the club in which your ball is being held. Also indicate if the funds being deposited are from Birthday Ball Ticket Sales or from a Fundraising Event, include a brief description of the event.

Two individuals from your unit must count the money and sign MCCS Deposit Form in agreement of the amount listed. A Financial Technician at MCCS will count the money and sign Deposit Form in agreement of the amount received. A copy of completed form will be given to the depositor along with a deposit receipt from the cash cage.

If a deposit is made at AMO, and the depositor is the Fund Designee, a Fundraiser Summary Sheet can be requested after the deposit has been made. The summary sheet shows all account activity. If the depositor is not the Fund Designee the summary sheet will not be available. MCCS Clubs do not have access to the Unit accounts and are not able to provide a summary sheet. At any time the Fund Designee can request a summary sheet via email.

Requesting Money for the Marine Corps Ball

In order to release funds to a club to purchase ball tickets, or to release funds for other ball related expenses a completed form NAVMC11652, Expenditure Request/Reimbursement For Unit & family Readiness Funds, must first be submitted to MCCS AMO will issue checks or transfer funds to a club as requested. Check Requests submitted by 1400 Monday will be available for pick-up that Thursday at 12 noon. A transfer of funds to a club will be available two business days after the date of request.

If a check is issued (to purchase items other than tickets, i.e. decorations) the payee must reconcile with the AMO within 5 working days of the first purchase. Schedule an appointment with the AMO to turn in receipts with 3rd party signatures and return any unused funds. 3rd Party Signatures should contain printed name, signature and date of an individual other than the person who received the funds confirming receipt of the items for the event.

MC Ball Delegation Letter Sample

MCCS Deposit Form

NAVMC-Example to Transfer to Club

NAVMC-Example to Advance Funds

MCB Form Instructions

MCO 7040.11A Marine Corps Birthday Ball Funding
MCBJO 5340.1C Fundraising Aboard USMC Installation
MCO P1700.27B MCCS Policy Manual
DOD 5500.7 Standards of Conduct

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