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Volunteer! Make a Difference in your Community.

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When starting on your path to volunteering you may have many questions, Why should I volunteer? Where do I volunteer? What’s in it for me? These are all great questions to ask yourself and understand before you begin your volunteer endeavor. Not knowing your purpose behind volunteering and your goals can quickly lead to volunteer fatigue and burnout, whereas if you have a plan and goal it can be a very rewarding experience.

Why volunteer? Volunteers play an integral role in the community. Volunteers affect community relations, growth, and overall wellbeing. Volunteering goes beyond helping the population on the military bases in Okinawa, you can help build bridges with our host nation through volunteerism. This will also give insight into different cultures in a meaningful way. 

Where do I volunteer? There are several ways you can find volunteer opportunities in Okinawa, you can join our email list, call us at 645-3749 or 098-970-3749, email at VolunterNow@Okinawa.USMC-MCCS.org, or set up an appointment with our Volunteer Program Coordinator to identify specific opportunities. 

Why volunteer? What’s in it for me? People volunteer for a wide variety of reasons, especially wanting to help others.  But it's also okay to want some benefits for yourself from volunteering. The best volunteering does involve the desire to serve others, but this does not exclude other motivations, as well. If you are currently a volunteer or are interested in becoming a volunteer, there are many benefits you can receive from volunteering. After all, many programs would not be able to function without YOU!  

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Here are a few benefits that you can gain from volunteering: 

·  Presidential Volunteer Service Award (PVSA) 

·  Volunteer Service Award 

·  Learn new skills or brush up on old ones 

·  Meet new people and make new friends 

·  Work flexible hours 

·  Learn about different base services 

·  Receive on-the-job training 

·  Fills gaps in resumes 

·  Network and build networking relationships with individuals within your community 

·  Receive recognition for your volunteer work 

·  Invest in your community 

·  Fulfill community service obligations 

Call us today at 645-3749  or 098-970-3749 to join our volunteer team and start your win-win opportunity!

Upcoming Classes

RSVP for the Passport to Volunteering Class

RSVP for the Volunteer Management Class

RSVP for the Lead Okinawa: Teen Volunteer Workshop

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Marine & Family Programs

Camp Foster

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DSN 645-3749

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 Request to join our weekly email: VolunteerNow@Okinawa.USMC-MCCS.org

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Volunteer Agreement Form

Would you like to share a volunteer opportunity? Please fill out this form and submit it to VolunteerNow@Okinawa.USMC-MCCS.org

Find the volunteer opportunity that is right for YOU!

Questions? Contact the Installation Volunteer Program Coordinator at 645-3749 or 098-970-3749 or volunteernow@okinawa.usmc-mccs.org

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Do you have a volunteer opportunity you would like to share? Fill out this form and email it back to volunteernow@okinawa.usmc-mccs.org

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Upcoming Classes

RSVP for the Passport to Volunteering Class

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October - Animal Shelter Ishikawa

October - Theatre Volunteers

October - Youth Sports Coaches Needed

October - Soccer Coaches Needed

18 October - Domestic Violence Awareness Events

19 October - Kadena Elementary School Fall Festival

20 October - Swim Meet

22 October - EFMP ADHD Resource Awareness Fair

23 October - Crochet for a Cause

25 October - Suginoko Preschool

26 October - Zukeran Elementary School Fall Festival

27 October - English Discussion Class (Okinawa City)

27 October - Breast Cancer Awareness 5K Walk

27 October - Okinawa Dance Show

27 October - English Discussion Class (Okinawa City)

27 and/or 28 October - Camp Kinser Festival

29 October - Amelia Earhart Elementary School Health Screening

30 October - Crochet for a Cause

October - Volunteer at No-Kill Animal Shelter


1 November - College Night and Career Symposium at Kadena High School

1 November - Ryukyu Middle School (Kadena Air Base) - Red Ribbon Dance

3 November - Veteran's Day 10k Run

6 November - Crochet for a Cause

9 November - Ashibina CDC - Fall Festival

13 November - Crochet for a Cause

20 November - Crochet for a Cause

20 November - Ikebana, Japanese Flower Arrangement Class

27 November - Crochet for a Cause

Ongoing Events

American Red Cross Camp Butler

Camp Foster Cooking Assistant

Camp Foster Coffee Wednesday

Coupon Cutting and Sorting

Customer Service Support

English Discussion Class MCAS Futenma

English Discussion Class Camp Schwab

Karing Kennels

Marine Thrift Store

MCCS Semper Fit Youth Sports


Navy Marine Corps Relief Society (NMCRS)

Okinawa Young Marines Mentors

Okinawa Youth Football League

Pancakes for Marines and Sailors

Teaching Conversational English

Tengan Castle Family Fun Night – Camp Courtney

Translator for Marine and Family Programs

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