Volunteer Program

Join us... Volunteer! Make a difference in your community.

Create your own account at:  Presidential Volunteer Service

Enter "ROS # LPJ-19282"to have your hours added to the MCB Camp Butler page.

Email questions volunteernow@okinawa.usmc-mccs.org



On-Base MCCS Volunteer organizations: 


Single Marine Program (SMP)

The SMP contributes to the improvement of total force readiness, job performance, and retention by supporting the enhancement of Quality Of Life (QOL) for all single Marines, including unaccompanied Marines. The SMP includes all single service members aboard Marine Corps installations. The SMP serves as the voice for single Marines in identifying QOL concerns and developing QOL initiatives. QOL includes all activities and issues that directly or indirectly influence readiness, morale, living environment, and personal growth and development.  POC:  Each Camp has an SMP Coordinator.  

Contact: Camp Foster, bldg. 5908 and DSN 645-3681


Youth Sports (Semper Fit)

The Marine Corps Community Services (MCCS) Semper Fit Youth Sports Program is pleased to provide a positive sporting experience for all youths within our Okinawa Community. The MCCS Youth Sports Program offers children ages five through eighteen the chance to participate in a variety of sports. Sports include baseball/softball, basketball/cheerleading and soccer. Our philosophy is to provide an enjoyable, fair and safe environment for all participants regardless of their level of ability. Emphasis is on involvement in sports instruction, not competition. 

One season entails over 72 hours of community service which includes holding practice twice a week and attending all scheduled games. All coaches must undergo a background screening process by filling out our coaching application. 

Contact: DSN:  645-3533/3534 Cell: 098-970-3533/3534
Email: youthsports@okinawa.usmc-mccs.org
Website: mccsokinawa.com/youthsports


MCCS Entertainment

To conduct wholesome family events that will uplift the spirits of the entire community stationed on Okinawa and Camp Fuji.  

Contact:  Camp Foster, Bldg 5677, DSN:  645-5821 Cell: 098-970-5821


Retired Activities Office

The RAO serves military retirees from all branches of service in a number of ways, to include the following:

1. Serves as a central point to obtain valuable information
2. Provides reliable answers to your questions
3. Refers individuals to appropriate service providers

The Retired Activities Office volunteer is a valuable link to help retirees and family members obtain the rights, benefits and privileges they are entitled to receive. Volunteering is a great way for retirees and their families to stay in touch with the military community and meet new people. The Retired Activities Office needs volunteers. Make a difference with the gift of time and experience. 

Contact: Camp Foster DSN: 645-3159/3151 Cell: 098-970-3159/3151


Marine Corps Family Team Building

Marine Corps Family Team Building enhances and supports the Unit, Personal and Family Readiness Program by providing relevant and standardized family readiness training to unit Commanders, Family Readiness Command Teams, Marines, and their families.  Training reinforces the pillars of Marine total fitness, sustaining a constant state of personal and family readiness for a lifetime, and ultimately enhancing unit mission readiness.  Volunteer opportunities are available through all of the programs as administrative assistance, workshop preparation, and connection with unit volunteer opportunities.  LINKS also provides a variety of ways to volunteer through teaching, mentoring, providing food for workshops and material preparation.  

Contact: Camp Foster, Bldg. 5677, DSN: 645-3689 Cell: 098-980-3689


Unit Family Readiness (UPFRP)

Through your Unit Family Readiness Officer, you may volunteer as an appointed Command Team Adviser or a Family Readiness Volunteer.  Duties may include assisting with welcoming new members to the unit, providing input for unit communications, providing input to the commander and FRO on unit morale, and assisting with event planning. If interested, contact your unit FRO. 


Marine and Family Programs (Relocation, Resources, Professional Development, Cultural Awareness)

Volunteers assist with preparing relocation kits, resource kits, clipping coupons, providing cultural information, and providing general information for newcomers.

Camp Foster M&FP:  Bldg. 445, DSN:  645-2104/2106, off-base:  098-970-2104/2106
Camp Courtney M&FP:  Bldg. 4425, DSN:  622-7332, off-base:  098-954-7332
Camp Hansen M&FP:  Bldg. 2339, DSN:  623-4522/4860, off-base:  098-969-4522/4860
Camp Kinser M&FP:  Bldg. 1220, DSN:  637-2815, off-base: 
Camp Schwab M&FP:  Bldg.  3327, DSN: 625-2622, off-base: 


Private Organizations (on-base)


American Red Cross

American Red Cross in Okinawa is primarily for the military members and their families. We serve the members in many ways, not only with emergency communications. Our volunteers help in the base schools, post offices, dental clinics, medical clinics, several departments in the US Naval Hospital Okinawa, and other organizations on the bases. We join 3rd Dental Command in offering the Dental Training Program.

Contact:  Camp Foster Bldg.  5674, DSN:  645-3800 Cell: 098-970-3800, campfoster@redcross.org
Camp Foster USNH Red Cross Office, DSN:  646-9986 Cell: 098-970-9986


Navy Marine Corps Relief Society

As a non-profit, volunteer service organization, we use both financial and non-financial resources to identify solutions to meet emerging needs. We help clients improve personal financial skills and encourage individual financial responsibility.  To provide, in partnership with the Navy and Marine Corps, financial, educational, and other need-based assistance to active-duty and retired Sailors and Marines, their eligible family members, and survivors. 

Contact:  Camp Foster bldg. #5674, DSN:  645-7808 Cell: 098-970-7808
Email: Okinawa@nmcrs.org


United Services Organization (USO)

At the USO, volunteers play a special role in lifting the spirits of our troops and their families. Whether it is welcoming visitors to our center, easing their journey with a cup of coffee or providing a free phone call to a loved one, volunteers lead with their hearts and serve with integrity.

There are USO Centers at most of the Camps on Okinawa.  

Email:  okinawaprograms@uso.org
AMC Terminal, Kadena, Bldg. 3409, (Kadena), phone:  81-98-961-3889
Camp Hansen, DSN:  623-5011, Hansen@uso.org  
Camp Schwab, DSN:  625-3834, usoschwab@uso.org
MCAS Futemna, bldg 406, DSN:  626-2113
Camp Foster, bldg. 5710, DSN:  645-1827 Cell: 098-970-1827
Camp Courtney, bldg. 4430, DSN:  622-3748 Cell: 098-954-3748
Camp Kinser, bldg. 1308, Phone: 080-6497-5416 (volunteer staff only)


Boy Scouts

The Far East Council provides the programs and services of the Boy Scouts of America to more than 3,500 young people and 1,800 volunteers in Asia.  This district has 18 units actively involved in Scouting on Okinawa, also where the Far East Council is headquartered. 

Contact:  Office DSN:  646-9014 Cell: 098-971-9014, Intl: +81-98-971-9014
Email: registrar@fareastcouncil.org
Website: http://www.fareastcouncil.org/about/service-centers


Girl Scouts

In Girl Scouting, girls develop their leadership potential through activities that enable then to discover their values, skills, and the world around them; connect with others in a multicultural environment; and take action to make a difference in the world. Girl Scouting Overseas eases the transition for military and Department of Defense Families moving to a different culture by offering the familiar state-side traditions and opportunities which cultivate resiliency. Girl Scouting provides a sense of security and consistency during that time of change and transition for girls and their families.

Contact: AHolt@girscouts.org
Camp Foster:  girlscoutsoffoster@gmail.com; Facebook:  USA Girl Scouts Overseas - Foster
Camp Courtney:  administrator@courtneygirlscouts.com 
Camp Kinser:  kinsergirlscouts@live.com


Marine Thrift Shop

The Marine Thrift Shop is a non-profit organization that values the spirit of giving. If you are looking for an opportunity to make a difference and support the military and their families, please email or give us a call.   The Marine Thrift Shop greatly depends on the generosity of our volunteers and donations. We offer LOA's for every 12 hours of volunteer work, as well as lunch when you volunteer 4 or more hours in one day

Contact: Camp Foster, bldg.  5691, DSN:  645-6025 Cell:  098-970-6025
Facebook: www.facebook.com/marinethriftshopokinawa 
Email: shopmts@yahoo.com


Pacific Okinawa Players (POPS)

The Pacific Okinawa Players is an all volunteer non-profit community organization dedicated to providing high quality live theater to all military and SOFA status personnel stationed on Okinawa, Japan. We strive to promote education and continued development of the performing arts through the POP’s, Ed Kirsten Scholarship Fund.

​​We put on 4-5 shows a year. Show ideas are submitted and voted on in the summer by members of the club (but, if you are willing to be the director, your submission will probably be approved).

Website: http://www.pacificokinawaplayers.org/contact.html   
Email: pops@pops-okinawa.org


DODDS Schools

Each school works with volunteers from their own student population.  Volunteers work as classroom assistants, event planners, and assist with administrative duties.  Each school has volunteer opportunities. 

E.C. Killin Elementary School – 645-7760 Cell: 098-970-7760, located on Camp Foster
Zukeran Elementary School – 645-2560 Cell: 098-970-2560, located on Camp Foster
Kubasaki HS – 645-3728 Cell: 098-970-3728, located on Camp Foster
Lester MS – 645-7787 Cell: 098-970-7787, located on Camp Lester, adjacent to Camp Foster
Kinser ES – 637-3008, located on Camp Kinser
Bechtel ES – 622-7504 Cell: 098-954-7504, located on Camp McTureous, near Camp Courtney
Ryuku MS, 634-4849, located on Kadena AFB
Stearling Heights ES – 634-4523, located on Kadena AFB


Off-Base Volunteer Organizations


Okinawa American Animal Rescue Society

OAARS works with the base and local community to rescue abandoned, mistreated, and lost animals in Okinawa, Japan. From a board member or coordinator to foster home, OAARS is 100% volunteer based. Together, we have helped find loving homes for more than 2,000 animals on Okinawa. We are always looking for volunteers and foster homes to join our team- the more foster homes, the more animals we can help. If you are interested, please explore the rest of our website or contact our volunteer coordinator who can steer you in the right direction at

Email:  oaarsvolunteers@gmail.com


Second Harvest Food Bank of Okinawa

Opportunity: They try to keep their volunteer programs fun and easy to participate in. (Due to the location and nature of our work, they ask that participants be at least 12 years of age.) A normal shift is 2.5 hours, and you can participate in as many shifts as you like. It is a great team building and communication activity for company employees, and they have many companies who periodically participate as part of their employee development programs.  The nearest Food Bank is located in Naha, Okinawa.

Website:  http://2hj.org/english/
Email:  info@2hj.org


Okinawa Hippotherapy

This organization needs volunteers to assist with the general care of horses, feeding, walking, grooming, and training. 

FB page:  Okinawa Hippotherapy
Email:  tsw61@hotmail.com


Okinawa Youth Football League (not the same as the youth sports football on base)

The purpose of Okinawa Youth Football is to provide a quality youth football and cheer program with emphasis on developing athletes while promoting safety, fun and participation for all; to advocate good sportsmanship, respect, and to honor the game. Through the encouragement of teamwork, self-discipline, leadership and academic achievement, our commitment is to promote a positive culture that builds self esteem and instills the importance of both athletics and scholastics, which go hand-in-hand to foster confident, responsible, well-rounded young men and women.

OYF is staffed by a talented and dedicated team of volunteers, coaches, football players (Okinawa Football League) and leaders with decades of experience. The staff is eager to share their knowledge and enthusiasm. Many of them return year after year because they enjoy working with the next generation of football players.  Please contact through the website.

Website: http://www.leaguelineup.com/welcome.asp?url=okinawayouthfootball&sid=750621892


School of New Thought

We are looking for volunteers to assist with different volunteer organizations here in Okinawa. Feel free to check out the various organizations and learn how you can volunteer. The focus is on assisting the local Okinawan community homeless shelters and orphanages.  There are contacts associated with Camp Lester and Camp Kinser.

Contact: Chris- 080-4403-9855
Email: schoolofnewthought@gmail.com

Website:  www.helpoki.org


Ryukyu America Historical Research Society charity in Nakagusuku Japan

Opportunities: Assist with gathering information about Okinawa's lost cultural assets from various places on Okinawa. Facilitating or organizing study abroad programs in certain regions. Publicize volunteer activities and finding other volunteers to help with the programs. Assist with fundraising. Help in organizing lectures, publicity, or receptions. Help coordinating with foreign teachers. Gather information about vacant houses. Gather data about unemployment problems. Help with society office clerical work. 

​Special Notes: English and Basic Computer Skills are required

Contact: 090-9785-3370
Email: NPO@Ryukei.com
​Website: www.ryubei.com


Organic Okinawa

Organic Okinawa is an international group of people who are passionate about keeping Okinawa beautiful. They are looking for volunteers to come and assist with cleaning up various locations around the island.

Contact:  Irwin, please use the website contact form
Website: organicokinawa.org/blog


Two Fishes Project

The project was started to ensure that children are provided nutritious meals, an environment they can do homework, and encourage hopes for the future.  Through meals services and free homework  help volunteers are able to assist children from Okinawan families in need.  Please contact the Two Fishes Project at twofishesproject@gmail.com for more information and locations. 

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