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Kids Art Classes



2016 Far East Bodybuilding Competition


Newsbreak 2016 Bodybuilding


Highlights of the 2016 Far East Bodybuilding Competition


Far East Bodybuilding 


Are You Prepared? v1


Are You Prepared? v2


Are You Prepared? v3


Are You Prepared? v4



 Color Me Fun Run 2017 

Have Fun on Your Run... In Color!


Color Me Fun Run 2015


Color Me Fun Run Photos

Okinawa Host 2019 Junior Science and Humanities Symposium

Okinawa Middle and High School Choral Collaboration Day

DoDEA Pacific Far East Cheer Championship

3rd – 8th Grade Soroban Competition

Zukeran Elementary’s Hayden Lee Piano Prodigy

Kubasaki Month of the Military Child

Team USA Tomodachi Bowl  (DoDEA Pacific High Schools)

Kubasaki High School Red Ribbion Event

Kristin Armstrong 2016 Gold Medalist on "Being a military child and graduating from Kubasaki High School 


Beautiful acapella voices of Ryukyu Middle School singing the Japanese and American National Anthem 


DoDEA Okinawa Robotics Showcase 2016


2010 Kubasaki Students reminisce about time on Okinawa. "Party in the USA" featuring many sites and locations on Okinawa.


Kubasaki High School Lipdub 2015


Kadena High School: “Is it tough being a military child?” 


Kadena High School: “Has your father ever had to depart for a long deployment?”


Kadena High School: “Do you ever wish you could stay in one place?”


High School Teacher: “What do you tell folks back home about the Military children you teach?”


Middle School Principal, Marine Spouse, Mother of 3: “What makes a Military child different than those who are not part of the Military?”


Kubasaki High School alumni celebrate school’s 50th Anniversary

Infant Massage


Day in the Life, NPSP

Now open inside Gunners Fitness Center on Camp Foster

Now Open on Camp Foster!

Bulldogs Burgers

Life Juice at Gunners Fitness Center - Now Open!


USNH Fitness Center Grand Opening

Sumo Burrito




MCCS Newsbreak: Grand Opening of Sumo Burrito and Yo'Ishii Frozen Yogurt


Community Connections: Episode 243, Sumo Burrito & Yoishii Yogurt


Community Connections: Episode 222, Sumo Burrito


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